Moab Trip Videos: 5 MOH, Kane Cr, Pritchett, Gold Bar, Rusty Nail, White Wash, etc

Just finished our annual pilgrimage to Moab, got most of the video up. We rode 5 MOH with stock gearing (14/49) and wouldn't recommend it. We both left a bit of clutch out there as a result--lower gearing would have made it more fun. Nick would also recommend that you ride it with a rear brake, but most of you probably can figure that one out! Also, we were not trying to wear out the narrow cliffside shelf on the White Wash video; we got mixed up following a trail and ended up crossing the shelf. I wanted to ride back over the shelf to get footage of it, then we figured out we were at a dead end. The result was 4 passes on that shelf, which frazzled my nerves by the end!

My favorite is the 5 Miles of Hell video. Others are:

White Wash Dune area including Ten Mile Wash, Dead Cow Loop, slickrock trails (phenomenal!)

Gemini Bridges trails such as Metal Masher, Gold Bar, Gold Spike, Rusty Nail (cool trail!)

Amasa Back to Kane Creek to Behind the Rocks to Pritchett.


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