2001 TE610 dies when clutch released.


First time post here..

I was out riding earlier, I'd just got to the bottom of a relatively steep hill and I gave it some speed up the hill, Got into mid 4th gear and suddenly the engine bogs down and dies, No wheel locking up, just a gentle stop.. I try E-starting it and it backfire's pretty loudly, takes about a minute to start back up.. I put it into first with the clutch down (obviously) Release the clutch slowly with mid/high revs and it completely dies again, this happened a few times before I decided I'd walk it home (I was close to home) It ticks over fine in Neutral but as soon as I'd release the clutch it would bog and die.

Its been stood in the garage for about 6 months, but by the time this had happened I'd already been out for around an hour today at normal speeds.

I got back home, left it for about an hour, started it, put it in first, released the clutch and it was okay again (I think)..

Hope someone can decipher this,


Does your bike have a side stand switch? If it does, it could be a problem with that. On bikes that have that switch, you can't let the clutch out in gear with the stand down or the ignition will cut out. Your stand could be up but the switch or wire connections could be damaged or loose.

Just a thought.


The 2000 era 610 doesn't have a kickstand switch (at least my '03 doesn't). But it does have a switch in the clutch lever. If that were sticky or something, it could be a problem.

I accidentally broke my switch inspecting it, so I cut the wires off and rat-tailed them together.

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