Is the 426 for me

Hello everyone i am new to this forum. I was wondering if you guys think that the Yz 426 is the bike for me. I like to trail ride, drive fire roads and play race with my buddies Cr 250's. Can the 426 compete with the 250's. Should i buy one? Are they worth it? Thanks for the help!


What bikes have you owned in the past?



99'YZ-400 (Mine)

00' TT-R 125 (Hers)

91' KX-125 (Son #1)

93' CR-80 (Just sold it. Looking for another TTR125 for Son #2)

99' PW-80 (Son #3)

I went with the 426 for one reason only....the "fun factor". I use mine for M/X I can't say much about trail riding. However, the one time I took it on a tight trail behind the local track, I found 1st gear to be too tall for tight twisting trails.....too much clutch slipping for my comfort. If you are planning on this type of riding, perhaps a WR might be more to your liking. You could change gearing on the YZ with different sprockets, but you have to be careful about interference with the chain guide if you add more than 2 teeth on the rear. I'm just giving you a couple of things to consider.

Big Jay,

Well...they are worth it, and they can and do compete with the CR250s. Just don't forget that they are designed as a full on race bike.

So it really depends on your level of trail riding and play racing, as well as your style and what you have rid'in the past.

Boit's correct that it's geared a bit high for the slow stuff. Slow technical hill climbs can be a bit tricky on some trails.

So it's really a matter of whether or not you need that much of a bike. Then again, if your friends are riding CR250s, perhaps you do.


Thanks for the replies everyone! I have had a 1994 yz 250 and a 89 cr 125. I'm going to go to my local Yamaha dealer on the weekend and check the 426, see what kind of deal i can get.

Big Jay,

Honestly you came to the wrong place for an objective opinion, and I'll probablly get slammed for what I say, but here goes. My experience with the YZ400 has been both good and bad. I'll say it has the finest suspension of any bike I have ridden, of course that was after $500.00 worth of valving, springs ect. The suspension thing is the same on every bike, pretty good out of the box, night and day diff after tuning.

Power is unbelievable for a 400. I have had serios engine problems twice. Rod first, then a dropped valve. Each repair $1800.00+.

The YZ is definatlly not the greatest trail bike, but it is a fantastic MX machine. The WR is infact a great trail bike compared to the YZ. The transmission is a wide ratio, lower in the bottom, and taller in the top. It is a lot easier to make YZ mods to a WR than make a WR out of a YZ.

If you mostly trail ride, and must buy blue, look closley at the WR.

Or you could do what I did, suck it up and but a KTM520EXC. After your done gasping for air after blowing $7200.00, and spend the usual $500.00 on suspension, you too will have the greatest trail bike ever built :) (thats the part I expect to hear rants about, just stirring the pot).

Whatever you buy, you will love it.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

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