What is the best silencer for a 2002 KX250 pros and cons

I have a 2002 KX250 with an FMF Q silencer. The down pipe inside the end cap broke off and after talking to FMF they do not offer that part. It is easy enough to repair if I had the part but it is not available. So now I am looking for a new silencer.

I would like the silencer to have good performance, a spark arrestor would be nice but not completely necessary, I don't really want obnoxiously loud either.

My bike is pretty much stock other than the Q that is on it.

Thanks for the replies.

I had the same problem with a Q on my 03 KX250. I switched to a Pro Circuit 296. I think its built better.

Interesting to hear that the Q falls apart on these bikes. Thanks for the info.

I have the FMF Shorty on mine (along with a Fatty pipe) and it runs great for my riding style. Pro's = good bottom power with smooth transition to the top end. I can tractor around a little bit, fan the clutch and be gone in a hurry. Con's = little noisy (I don't mind) and no spark arrestor.

I may try and find a cheep silencer so I can keep riding it when I take the Q off. If I can I will go to a machine shop and see if i can have them make a down pipe insert for the end cap. The original part just looked like a flat plate that was riveted in the end cap and has a pipe that aims the tube out the down pipe. Does anyone know were i can get an exploded view of a Q silencer.

I may have some good news to those of us who own the FMF Q 2 stroke silencer. I fired off an email of concern to FMF about not being able to replace a simple part inside the tip of the silencer. I mentioned that the silencer was just over a year old and in excellent condition other than the broken down pipe in the tip. I also mentioned that I have found out through message boards and on ebay that the broken down pipe is common problem and that most people simply replace the pipe with a Pro Circuit pipe. I told them that I prefer FMF to Pro Circuit and would like to stay with there product if possible.

The responded very professionally and we discussed options via email as to resolve the situation. The mentioned they may be able to warranty it even with out a receipt. By the end of the day they sent me an email that said the turn down pipe is now available and will be in stock next week.

I dont know if my discussion/complaint triggered them to make this part available or if it was already going to be available and he just found out after investigating it on my behalf. Either way I am happy that for around 30 dollars I will be able to repair my silencer and not have to buy a new one.

I took my silencer apart today. The packing was definitely ready to be replaced. It was burnt and hard as a rock around the core of the silencer. New end cap and down pipe will be here tomorrow. Any suggestions on what brand of packing to use or should I just use FMF 2 stroke packing. I have to say for such a big silencer, in its current state of disrepair the bike was quite loud. I am looking forward to taming the noise output.

Good news!

For 2-stroke packing, I use fiberglass insulation. I have extra laying around from projects, and I just cut it up into the right sizes so I can quickly replace it when needed. Its dirt cheap and works great. This wont work for 4-strokes, the exhaust is too hot. I think the fiber glass insulation I have is R-19. I cut it into the right size square for my pipe. The first time I had to figure out the right size by trial and error. After that its a piece of cake. To cut fiberglass insultation, use a box knife. Place a board on the bottom, then lay the fiberglass insulation down on top of the board, paper side up. Compress the insulation and then the box knife will cut cleanly through. Once the piece is cut, I remove the paper backing, wrap it around the pipe and stick it back in.

Earlier this week I bought some FMF 2 stroke repacking material. It went together smoothly. I used engine RTV high temp silicone on the front of the silencer. Used scotch tape to hold the material to the flow tube. I started the bike after I let it sit for about an hour. The bike is quieter and feels like it has picked up a bit of power.

Today I received my new end cap with turn down. It came with the end cap, the turn down, 2 rivets, and 4 stickers. It also went together with out problems. I am very happy with FMF'sresponse and now the pipe is in full working order.2011-05-27_121701.jpghttp://[/img]2011-05-27_174922.jpg

Unrelated to the exhaust problem while the bike was down I also installed a new seat cover this week. I can't wait to go riding this weekend with everything new on it.2011-05-26_150058.jpghttp://[/img]

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