Clutch Cable repairing

Hey folks,

First off, I know this is the dirtbike forum but the atv one doesn't get nearly as much attention as this one, and the concept is pretty much the same on a bike. So, last night I was tooling around on my 1990 blaster and the clutch cable broke right up by the ball. Is there anyway to fix this without buying a new cable? Can you solder it or anything? I won't be able to get a new cable till tuesday and I want to take it out riding this weekend.

Thanks for any Help

I've never found a way to make a permanent repair. I've made a couple of emergency field repairs to get home, but that's all.

If the wire just pulled out of the ball then soldering it back in is not too difficult. But they usually break from flexing some distance from the ball making the wire too short unless you can shorten the jacket, which can be difficult because if you pull a frayed wire out of a worn jacket you may not be able to get it back in.

Any automotive parts shop will have adjustable throttle cable ends that you can use.

I have soldered several when making custom cables, but as mentioned, the sheath will need to be shortened up if it broke as opposed to pulled out. Be careful of frays. You can pull the cable from the sheath if you cut it clean and solder it before reinstall.....if you get a fray.....pull it all the way out....not worth getting hung away from the truck.

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