stock chain

need new sprockets and chain for my new to me 09 kx250f. The bike has an o ring chain on it now. I'm wondering if that is stock or something the previous owner put on. Curious if you guys have any opinions on mx or o ring chain. this bike is kind of a track only, test the 250f waters kind of bike. I have Husky cr 144 set up for woods that is kind of my main ride. I've just been running cheap mx chains on that. I've always kind of been a run cheap chain and sprocckets and change often kind of guy.

def not stock... I have an o-ring on my KX and love it... track bike. My Husky 150 has the stock MX chain, but will see an o-ring when the chain/sprox need replacing.

stock chains stretch so fast you'd think its a rubber band. Put on a good oem aftermarket with a set of Steel sprockets and it will last a LONG time.

for mx i run aluminum rear sprokets and a good chain did ert-2 or rk mxz to can buy the combo kits from motosprt for $140

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