why is the taillight blinking and how should I store the bike?

alright, I am in mexico right now and there is an 06 crf250x we leave down here. now I dont think I have been down here in almost 3 years, but last time I did drain the fuel system and run it til it died. I dont know if someone else has been down here and ridden it since then or what, but for some reason I still had to take the carb off and clean it, take the petcock off from under the tank and clean out a ton of built up varnish crap that had the reserve line completely clogged... battery was stone dead.

I put the jumper cables on it from the quad, and started kicking after I got it all together, took ALOT of kicking before it finally popped, and then ALOT more before it finally started, once it did it was smoking a little ike it was burning something off for a while.

would it be better if I just put stabil in the tank with the fuel and left fuel in it? I have left it dry at least 5 other times and it always fired RIGHT up once filled with new fuel, but it never sat near 3 years, probably not even 1 year.

also, the taillight blinks the whole time the bike is running? and I dont remember it doing it before, and I am the one who does all the maintenance/mods on it and know I didnt do/add anything so that it would blink. tried doing some google searches and read the FAQ on here but Im on the hughesnet satellite shared by a bunch of people so its real slow and I dont wanna search anymore. what could be causing the blinking? it runs like a champ, and its obviously charging because the battery doesnt even have enough in it to make the starter relay click when you hit the button, but it will run as long as you want it to. and I know the starter circuit itself is fine because if you put the jumper cables to it the estart works...

When the battery is dead, the tail light will blink. To recharge the battery you will need to hook it up to a good battery charger, the bike will not do it like a car will. There is a good chance that the battery may not come back to life and you may need to buy a new battery. When you store the bike for any time, use a trickle charger to keep the battery fresh.

I always drain the tank and carb if it is going to sit for more than a week or so.

doesnt hurt anything to ride around with the dead battery, right? because I dont get down here as often any more, and neither does the owner of the bike(he hasnt been here in a longer time than I have). we do have a battery tender or something down here, but the thing is, we only have solar power down here and unplug the inverter when we leave (unplug the house from the inverter but leave the inverter on because a couple times we have come down here to an inverter that wouldnt turn back on, but leaving it on we have never had a problem when we get back.) I guess I could put only the battery tender on the inverter in the solar shed when I leave... but what are the dangers of leaving a battery tender hooked up to the battery and not checking on it for maybe a year... any more possibility of danger than having solar panels charging a bank of golf cart batteries on their own for the same year?

For what its worth.... I have several bikes in another location that get left for long periods of time, although not as long as you. I use to put them all, cars & motorcyles on Battery Tenders (the brand). The trouble I had was when I returned the batteries would be dry. And yes, I know, this should not happen with a Battery Tender.... but it does. I 'm talking about 6 months or greater. This happened with my street bike twice, and each time the battery did not revive and I had to replace it. So I no longer battery tend when I am not going to be there for a long period to service the battery. I just revive the dead battery. If someone can visit it, top off the battery every couple of months, I think your fine. Otherwise, I wouldnt leave a tender on there for especially 3 years! Just my experience.

alright, well I guess I will tell him I will get the battery out of the bike and set it next to the charger when I leave so if he comes here he just has to plug it in when he gets here before he opens up the house, then the next day it should be good to get it started.

I would be fine just kicking it but this is a short guy, we already had the seat foam replaced with the real short foam and a new seat cover and installed the speed metal designs (I think thats the name) subframe lowering kit and its still just barely on the tall side for him, Id be fine with it stock, but it wasnt my choice...

so even though the battery says "do not open", it is fine to pry open that cap and add some some distilled water if it needs it?

Any of the batteries I worked with were not sealed batteries. I would only consider opening them if they are low on fluid. Otherwise just charge'em.

ok, this is the stock sealed battery that the bike came with. I have just been kickstarting it the whole trip, aside from that first day it starts up first kick everytime so its not too big a deal, I will just get it setup for the owner to charge the battery if they end up coming down here and wanna ride. and man I just gotta say I love this damn bike. dont ride dirtbikes much at all, and havent ridden anything for quite a while, and everytime I get down here and ride this thing it always impresses me the power that comes out of a relatively stock 250 4 stroke these days...

Also Check the fuse, my fuse blew once when I was messing with a headlight wire and it caused the taillight to blink....You should have a spare fuse just above where the fuse is. (Awesome)

Thanks much guys for this advice...my 06 250x was blinking the back lights also...didn't know what I did wrong when I did the top end.  The battery is tired and won't start the bike, even after getting a "full" on the charger and also desulfiezing (sp)  the batter, and thought I was going to have to change it before the blinking back LED light would go right.  Checked my 15amp fuse and it was blown.  Replaced it and lights quit blinking


Thanks again....great help!!

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