Mere hours


from who will take the SX championship.

This has been one fantastic nail biter of a season.

Can you imagine the pressure on Villopickle, and the intensity for the rest to take away his dream... they're so close.

I can't wait :confused: for that gate to drop!!!!!! :thumbsup:

me too! I think all three have a chance for the title in this last race yes?

personally setted up my "seat" just to watch this showdown.

It's not the Superbowl. It's not the NBA play-offs. It's not the World cup.

It's AMA Monster Energy Supercross.

Best sport in the world. I live in Kentucky now and all I hear is Ky Derby, this and that. These people should go to a supercross race instead of horses running in a circle for 1 minute if they want excitement.

poto just has to get through that first turn then it's in the bag, don't try and beat bubba, who cares at this point RIDE SMART and wrap this up for Washington.

Great season for sure Go Poto! Get this thing done and bring on the outdoors!!!

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