blisters under calluses from first ride? why and how to avoid?

Hey guys. I have been working in the oil patch for the last 10 months and havnt ridden in 10 months.

working has caused my hands to form calluses.

I went for my first ride in 10 months yesterday. rode pretty hard in the sand/river bed for 4-5 hours. (1.9 engine hours).

anyways, now under the callus on my ring and middle finger of each hand there is decent sized blisters formed. they kind of hurt and if they completely peel off I will be unable to use my hands for a week it will hurt/burn so bad!!! I have poked holes in them to let the fluid drain out, but it seems now like its hollow underneath the callus and that I can cut the calluses off with nail clippers, but I imagine the fresh skin under there would burn like crazy!!! so im not going to cut them off.

so I was wondering what exactly caused these blisters, and how to avoid them?

I got new gloves. they might be a tad big, not sure if that contributed toward the blister or not.

I got ODI lock on grips

and a very powerful 450 that is hard to hang onto!! maybe thats not helping the blisters either?

or maybe my hands are just not used to it?


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