a good day

:ride:went riding with my son today,first time riding after the 8 staple knee job easter sunday,we went early cause its gonna be 90 degrees today,rode some single track for awhile then hit our track for a bit:thumbsup:,i hit the jump i ate shit on about 15 times so im over the lil crash aprehension:moon:,but the best part of the day was watching my son conquer a hill climb hes struggling with{up and down lol}and seeing him catch some pretty respectable air and just tear it up all around:smirk:just wanted to share a great day on my 250x with you guys,ive all the bikes i ve ever owned this one is the best:worthy:i love my X!!!!love to hear about your last good riding day

Same here, My son just 11 years old has conquered his fear of motocyle riding yesterday. He made his first jump and landed like a champ. I think he is hooked. He has been riding for about a month now. He is riding a 1994 XR80R. He is wanting a CRF100 now!:thumbsup:

my 5 year old just started riding a pw50,hes not ready for trails yet but he can ride this dirt bike though he still has his training wheels on his bike lol

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