a good day

went for a ride with my son today,single track for a bit then played on our track for a bit,it was awesome watching him conquer a hill thats been giving him issues{up and down},getting some pretty respectable air,and just all around tearing it up,i got over some crash apprehension of my own by hitting the table top i ate shit on{8 staples easter sunday}about 15 times,all and all a great 3hr riding session...would love to hear about some of your good riding days:ride::thumbsup::confused:

Last time out, my son soundly beat me twice in a row up a long whooped out hillclimb. I believe we'll both look back on that moment for ever as a turning point in his life. It was awesome for both of us. Glad to hear you are enjoying time with your son as well!:thumbsup: Larry

yeah hes my oldest,hes 9,my youngest just started riding a pw50,hes doing great,he can go around a small track we have in our yard with break and throttle control,he cant ride his bicycle with out training wheels yet lolol

I'm suffering from not going riding in 2 weeks. Besides my job, I have to get done some much-needed spring yard maintenance. Got to harvest all the fallen trees for next winter's firewood supply.:confused:

I think I'm going to screw the whole "responsibility" thing and hit the trails next weekend.:thumbsup:

if i dont ride for a least 2hrs a week i start to lose it and get all mopie,when i used to drink and do drugs i could go weeks without riding and be fine,but not now lol,for the record i ve got no problems with peeps that drink or do drugs and youll never here me preach about it,just didnt work for me any more,plus im so much faster sober,at least in my mind i am lol

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