04 CRF450 street conversion- Trail tech computer issue


Anyone know if you can fry a computer by giving it too much power? I'm putting the finishing touches on my conversion to street legalize my 04 CRf450, and i've tapped my trail tech vapor into the bike power created by an aftermarket high-output moose stator. Whenever the rev's go up a bit a red light on the top right of the trail tech flashes. I took that to mean it was getting too much power to the computer so I figured I might have to put in a resistor or something. Then I read some forums saying you can set alarm lights and stuff so im wondering if it's just the vapors stock settings are at a low RPM so they flash early on in the rev. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I've got a voltage regulator hooked up to the whole system from the stator so I dont fry my headlight too.

You can fry them, however I think its something like 150 VAC RMS. If you already have a regulator, then you are fine. The red light is prolly just as you said, an alarm set too low. Just check the alarms and see what is programmed in there.

Trailtechs can run upto 300 VAC, I've had my 450R at the limiter and the trailtech was just dandy running off bike power.

If you had read the manual (which is necessary in order to put in proper tire size for acurate speedometer readings), you would have seen that the trailtech has configurable over-heat, shift and rev-limit lights.

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