Removing forks and shock 2008 450 exc...

Does anyone have a how to guide to remove forks and shock on an 08 450 exc? I need to get suspension work done but I have to take it apart first

Front wheel and front brake assembly need to be removed. Loosen triple clamp bolts and slide out forks. Loosen top and bottom bolt on shock and remove. If I missed anything someone please chime in.

the rear shock is a tite fit but it just coimes out with the bolts removed, fold the flap up on the tire and wiggle and pull and it comes out.

Be sure to support the bike when you take the forks off and the rear shock is off, it will do funny things and may fall off the stand

Thx guys... I removed the forks and shock for he first time by myself... felt pretty accomplished (it was an easy task tho)... I removed the rear flap and the shock came out even easier. The forks were easy as well... suspension work is getting done as we speak...

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