quick chain sprocket question

i have stock 13/52 sprockets with only 20 hrs so still like new. i ride mostly slow technical woods in pacific nw. Is 49 or 50 my best bet prolly.. to help make gears less gappy? I find 1st gear too low anyway.

Q #2- if i get a 49 or 50 tooth sprocket is it best if i remove one link?

smaller rear will make them more gappy, but you may find you then use first more. Its a tuff call and you just have to try it and see how you like it.

I think the 51T is just about right. Tried a 50 and didn't like it.

from what ive read on TT sounds like alotta people switch it out to a 48 or 49. ya i might just have to try and see for myself. Maybe a 49 or 50. 48 too big a change if i dont like it, 51 maybe not enough change ??

Just try a 14T front sprocket to see if you like the change to a 48. Cheap way to try it out, as it's close. 14/52=3.71 13/48=3.69

I had problems where 4th was too high and third was too low. After the change to a 51T it's right about right. Maybe the guys in more open areas can run the rear sprockets 49 or 50 but not me.

14/52=3.71 13/48=3.69

Lol, Im going the opposite direction. Drop to 12t in the front and now have a 54t rear on order.

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