Magura Clutch, slow engagement


I broke another clutch cable the other day so I bought and installed a Magura hydraulic clutch. It works good and the pull is real smooth and when I ride around normaly everything works fine. Although when I hit the back roads and change gears quickly the clutch is slightly slow to engage. I compared the speed the clutch arm returns to the one on my friends bike witch still has a cable clutch and it is slightly slower. Any ideas on how I can rig something up; or maybe I need stiffer clutch springs?

New clutch jack? Pull arm is striaght? Proper tension per the instructions?

Im positive I installed the system correctly; the arm looks straight. Perhaps the mineral oil I used was to thick; I didnt use the Magura blood mineral oil.

Mineral oil is fine or at least works fine in my Magura clutch.

Double check there is no binding at the slave, and the arm it self is not binding..... Bleed it again.. and see where your at. Cant say I've ever seen or read an issue with a Magura being "slow to engage".

Mine and the ones I've used and installed allow the arm to snap back in position as soon as you release the lever.

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