how to remove my triple tree

Ok are there any tech articles on here that describe how to remove my forks? im getting my frame powder coated and i have everything off but i can't get my forks off..... anybody know how to get the nut off? Between the clamps and the frame? anybody have a way for a home made tool?

thanks guys.

have you taken the handlebars off then tried a socket ?

The nut under the triple clamp? The proper tool is a ring spanner, but this nut shouldn't be very tight. It's only used to preload the steering bearings to remove play. A big screwdriver or a punch and hammer should do the trick. Counterclockwise when viewed from the top. I find it's best to just remove the top clamp and leave the rest of the front end together; lower clamp, fork tubes and front wheel. Once you get it apart, put the top clamp and bars back on and roll the whole front end into a corner until you're ready to put the bike back together :thumbsup:

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