Exhaust interchangable years?

I have a 2006 KXF450, and when shopping online for headers/manifolds and slip-ons. I find only 2009,2010,2011 models. Has the exhaust changed that much? Can I put a 2009 slip on, on my 2006? Same with the header? Thanks!

the 06-08 has the same exhaust. the 09-11 is a different setup. I'm not sure if you can put a 09-11 exhaust on your bike, but it shouldn't be too hard to find parts for your 06. Motosport.com/ ebay/ rockymountainatvmc.com and so on... all have parts for the 06 kx450f.

A ton of them on E-bay. Some really good deals.

the 06-08 are the same and 09-11 will not fit...like stated above. Ive got an 07 and beat my exaust up and tried my buddy's 09 exaust. Could it be made to fit? Yes, but you would have to make a bracket to mount the muffler due to the mounting tab being about 2 inches too far to the back of the bike.

You can also see the part numbers on this page are different with the years...


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