2006 Kickstart with no resistance..

I have a 2006 RMZ 450.. Today after a couple of practice sessions, suddenly the kickstart started to go down with zero resistance. But the bike runs perfect if I bumpstart it. I didn't open the cover to look inside yet. What can be the problem? Did anybody had the same problem?

I checked it yesterday and found that the return spring got out of its hole and also there is a pin that holds the stopper guide in its place, and that little pin is broken from the case. I didn't reassemble it yet, but will it be fine without that little pin?

I think I found the problem, so far no one bothered to answer at all, so another owner with the same problem may benefit..

there is a spring below the kick drive gear which pushes the gear up when kickstarter moves back.. I think that spring is weak, and does not push the gear enough. I need to change the spring hmm..

Be sure the kick starter gear (the one the spring pushes on) is not binding on the shaft. It may be the spring is too weak or that gear is binding.

I replaced both springs in kickstart mechanism, but still lever has no resistance.. When the bike lays down on floor, with the clutch parts out, it seems to have turn the crank somehow, but when I put all the parts in and tork them, it begins to slip again.. I'm about to give up.. :eek:

If the rachet mechanism binds, how to solve? It does not seems to bind when it's tore down..

Any ideas?

I've seen this before in an old Honda. The fiber broke off of a clutch plate. Also make sure your hot start is adjusted right

I'll check them, thank you for suggestions..

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