2000 RM250 powervavle solenoid or breather info?

Hey all,

Anyone have any info on the powervalve solenoid used (at least) on the 2000 RM250's?

IE: what RPM's it opens or closes at, or what it's effect is on the powervalve or engines powerband..

I've heard it said in passing that these bikes respond well to 'blocking off the powervalve breather'. Anyone have any info or details on that?



ok Ham, here's what my book says for a 2000 RM125. Sorry don't have a book for 250 but imagine its the same. And i quote, "Fuel flow through the power jet is controlled by the power jet solenoid. The CDI unit at a preset high engine speed activates the solenoid. When activated, fuel flow through the power jet is interrupted. When engine speed is reduced back to midrange throttle position, the solenoid is turned off and fuel is delivered through the power jet. This system allows for more precise jetting of the slow jet and main jet. This results in improved throttle response and an increase in low and midrange torque". Thats all i got on the power jet solenoid. Hope its some help.

The above post gives a good description of the Powerjet circuit on the CARB.

The solenoid above the PV (on the cylinder) basically uses RPM signal to remain closed at low RPM and to open at high RPM. I do not know what RPM is the open - close threshold. The idea is that, with the solenoid closed, the PV chamber on the front o the cylinder is effectlively closed to atmosphere. The bike develops slightly better low RPM response. When open, the PV chamber vents to atmosphere, reducing internal pressure, developing slightly better high RPM response. Suzuki used this on the 00 and 01 motors.

Sometimes, the solenoid can stick either open or closed, causing a slight running problem. Thankfully, you can pull it off and clean it with some aggressive solvent. Basically, you will flush out all the black tarry goop.

WOW! Sorry about that. I guess i should have read the post twice

Well I had a problem with my pv solenoid stuck closed an had sone really bad pinging sound until I found that the solenoid had corroded in the closed position an after I cleaned it up really well and made sure it worked all pinging was gone an I noticed slightly better mid range throttle response so I can't comment on the deleting it or not but I now just add it to my items to check on a regular bases an havnt had a problem from my 2000 rm250 since

How did you check the operation of the solenoid? Is it 12 volts? Which wire is positive? Can you hear or feel it moving? I have the same bike and haven't noticed any problems, but I would love to get a little extra power for free.

My 01 had a slight pinging so I took it off to clean it and broke it. I then blocked it off and the pinging was horribly worse so I ordered a new for 80 bucks. The pinging has subsided tremendously but still have some. I guess it is the gas IDK. It only does it on a low throttle high gear roll on. I have changed the plugged too but haven't rode this year to see if it is any better.

Jeth I can't remember which wire was what color( it's been almost 6months since I've even seen my bike due to my job) but all it really is is an magnetic solenoid that pulls the plunger up into the toP piece of the valve an opens the pv to vent it. So what I did was take the big nut loose an slowly worked the two pieces apart an just used carb cleaner an after a lil while of working the plunger it finally came out of the upper housing ( the part with the wires on it). I used some emery cloth an cleaned the upper housing where the plunger slides up into untill the plunger slide freely without getting hung up( it was super corroded) I reassembled the housing an just applied 12 volts dc to the two wires an it pulled the plunger uP an the valve worked great after that but don't hold the 12volts on the solenoid too long u don't wanna over heat the coils inside an burn up 80bones it's just short simple way to make sure the vavle works properly without hanging up. Now on a power gain by blocking or opening the beather an eliminating the solenoid I really don't believe ur gonna gain anything but alot of pinging in the mid-range. I seen nothing in my go around trying to figure out what my pinging problem was an traced it back to this valve an it cured all my pinging I was finding in my low mid range to low top end range. These bikes like to be alil fatter in the jetting on the pilot to cure the hiccup from low speed to mid range throttle bursts. The jetting is real finicky on these bikes ( it took me almost 2 tanks of fuel to finally pin my jet settings down an feel comfortable enough with knowing this bike but when u got ur jetting dialed wow they r beasts just for reference my jetting on a basically stock 2000 rm 250 besides boyeson power reeds on a stock cage are

Pilot 46

Slide stock number 7

Needle jet clip 2nd from bottom on stock needle

Main jet 168

Power jet is stock which I believe is a 55

Air screw 1-3/4 turns to 2-1/4 turns out depending on temp

An the choke knob or bypass clicker setting an 6-8 turns out from closed

An this is all at 750 ft above sea level from 70-80 degree day

Guys, much thanks for all the feedback. Very helpful.

Just to mention it, I do have a factory Suzuki service manual for my bike. The solenoid is shown in various pictures and diagrams in the manual, but there is no actual mention of it in the cylinder head, exhaust, or electrical system chapters.

I'm glad I could tap into the collective wisdom out here on the board. Thanks!

I agree that the jetting on these bikes are pretty sensitive. I've got my '00 pretty well dialed for my current temps, and it took a good amount of trial and error. While the bike is running nice and crisp, I seem to be lacking some power in the mid and top-end still. (pulls like a diesel down low) That PV solenoid is something I havent interrogated yet. I'll have to have a look at it one of these nights.

Well, I took apart my solenoid tonight to find it stuck in the open position. It was very corroded.

JY - The plunger itself... when you remove it from the upper portion of the solenoid... does the plunger body have a hollow cavity at the bottom? (similar to the end of a pencil if you remove the eraser?

I suspect that one of the magnets in my plunger assembly is stuck to the top of the solenoid. I am not sure.

My plunger will retract when 9v is applied, but it's motion is hit or miss, and it likes to get stuck in the open position.

If I can't get it working, I'm not sure whether or not I should just leave it open and breathing, or block it off til I get the problem sorted...

Yea idk about the 9volts I used 12 an it worked great but u gotta make sure the the plunger an where it goes up into the solenoid is spotless clean an slides easily an I forgot to add but I did use alil bit of anti-seize to coat the plunger an give it some lube an hopefully chill the corrosion. As to the plunger being hollow at the tip I do believe it is

Cool - thank you very much.

I was having a hard time finding a 12v power source that wasn't loaded with a ton of amps. Mind if I ask what you used?

My good ol trucks battery straight to it.. Mind u I was only touching it briefly to check operation an not holding it on there for any amount longer then to just check it 5 or so cycles to make sure I wouldn't over heat the solenoids internal coils

Gotcha. Thanks! I was thinking of doing that myself, but wasn't sure if the amperage would kill it.

I did however get it working. I didn't realize there was a 'return' spring in there. I had to pull it out and give it a little re-tensioning. Something was wrong and it was binding. The little actuator now works great. A little 9v battery surprisingly works good. Put the whole solenoid together and it fires/actuates pretty strong.

Going to go for a ride now :thumbsup:

Lol oh man i totally for got abOut the spring gezzz can ya tell it's been 6months since I've even seen my bike :-/

I went out for my ride, and funny, now with the PV breather working I'm getting detonation. The bike seemed to be running a bit leaner today.

With my breather stuck wide open, my jetting was nice and crisp throughout. Seriously, as perfect as it's ever been.

Today, I'm lean rolling on the throttle when the rev's are up. I went in 1/8 on the pilot to chase it, which helped.. but I may need to go a clip fatter on the needle. I'm also now a little fat when off the pipe and am smoking. Uncool :\

Funny your jetting is so different than mine JY... I don't have a whole lot of mods. Boyseen torque reeds and a Turbinecore II silencer. Also have a deeper PV cover. I'm running a 99 carb body, without the adjustable choke knob.

158 main

42 pilot

1 turn out on the air screw

3rd clip on a '00 N3WK needle

My factory slides are 6.0's

Mixing at 32:1 I'm around 400-500', and 60-70*F.

Not quite sure what I'll do about things at this point; rejet as-is, block the breather, or just vent it full-time.

Wow that's crazy I'm def fatter in the all the settings then u but I only see smoke when warming up an it clears up to just a puff when hammering the throttle an my bike is all stock. Could be the deference in carb bodies. Do u have the electric power jet on ur 99 carb body? It's a big brass fitting on the air filter side of the carb with two wires goin to it

Wow that's funny? And you're on a 2000? I know the '01's and newer have a much fatter mainjet..

Yes, the 99 also has a powerjet - a 55 I believe.

I 'think' the 1999 and 2000 have the same actual carb bodies - the differences were only in the needle and the choke assembly. I've swapped chokes back and forth on both carb bodies; the 00's choke will make my bike rev like crazy when started cold -- the '99 doesn't have the adjustability or the needle assembly below it.. it starts up like you'd expect a choke to start cold with a normal high-idle.

I'll have to look into things this week. I may have bent the internal connections on the PV solenoid when I was battery-testing it. They may not have been making good contact with the factory wiring harness. That would have left the breather blocked off the whole time --- and like you guys, getting detonation because of it.

If it's not that, I'll be cleaning out the carb...

Yea I get that high idle too when I use the choke . Too bad u live so far away or I'd say let's hook up an ride sometime an compare setups. But I would leave the solenoid in an workin an work with the jetting from there an see what happens. Keep us up to date.

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