will a drz400e exhaust fit my drz400s

I have a drz400s with a drz400e head pipe. will a Drz400e exhaust pipe mount on my bike? Would it give me any advantage with power? I hear it only has two baffles and my drz400s has three baffles. I know this muffler is still quiet. This is important to me because I ride a lot of places in the city where I probably shouldn't.

The muffler end is same baffle so no difference in noise (assuming the "E" one has not been drilled out. If it has you can use your baffle off your "S muffler. The "E" header will bolt on but you must use an "e' muffler also. The hole by the passenger foot peg does not line up but I ran my "E" muffler without that bolt most of the time including two 500 mile off-road adventures with no problems. Can still use the passenger foot pegs if you want without a problem. There is a foot peg mount adapter (I just sold one on here) but it is not needed.

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