Bike is bogging down when gassed

I recently got a new 2007 and have about 6.5 hours in it with about 34 miles. i figure its broken in by, but when i get on it and give it about 1/2 or 3/4 throttle quickly, it kinda boggs down and makes a low grunt for a sec, then speeds up like it normally should. I have not done any of the free mods, so im really hopeing thats the reason, because its so choked up, but i want someone who knows more than me to let me know if i am correct or not. Thanks guys

JD Jet kit do the free mods YZ header and Can, and adj the AP and it will be a new bike...

YZ pipe can be had for less then 100.00 off ebay and it really helps a lot with the way the bike feels.. Not loud nor does it gives a lot of power but it does make the bike work better in rocky trails...

Throttle stop, air box, YZ cam timing, gray wire, and exhaust baffle are the free mods and should be done first. After you do those it will need to be re-jetted. Highly recommend a JD jetting kit. Does it bog when holding steady at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle or when you give it gas? if it bogs when giving gas make sure the AP is working properly maybe go to a smaller leak jet and the o-ring mod

the bike came from the dealer already jetted. it only boggs down for a split second when i juice it pretty hard for a sec then accelerates normally. Its only problem when you need that power to hit the dirt quickly like when hill climbing. I plain to do the free mods this week now that school is over and my 30 day warrenty is out. So more than likely its because the bike is still corked up, correct?

So more than likely its because the bike is still corked up, correct?

Correct. The hesitation will be less prevalent, but till it is re-jetted, you will not completely get rid of the bog.

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