Sherco 450 fuel pump wiring

I have a 2007 Sherco 450 and she has in the past stopped without apparent reason and then been able to restart after a few minutes of me checking connections etc. Now it has stopped all together. When I turn the key I dont hear the fuel pump prime. I just tested the pump by connecting it straight to a battery and it makes the right noise. So I reckon that the problem lays between the ignition switch and the pump.

Now does anyone know if the fuel pump has a fuse and if so where is it located?

also does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 2007 sherco ?

ok think you'll find your problem is the relay located under the seat, look just underneath the row of fuses,and you will se a small block about 10/15mm square held in place by a rubber groumet, these play about a bit (as did mine)so best thing to do is buy a replacement one as a starter, i bought a bosch one and written the end of the box is- 1 st/pc, then underneath that is a load of numbers they are-0332017300-001, these numbers are also written on thr relay its self there is also a bar code on my ones with a long number underneath it and that is- 316514121891 hope this helps

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