2002 YZ426FO???

I have been hearing rumor & read a article today in the new DirtRider that sources at Yamaha say "No lighter, new framed, Big Bore 450 until the 2003 model season". This is not good news, but would make sense for more time for R&D, manufacturing etc...The Yamaha dealer show is next month in June for the official word. The pictures posted of the 2002 YZ250F, shows the exact bike as the 2001, with the exception of unpainted subframe. HAS ANYONE HEARD OTHERWISE??? I assume because the 2001 YZF is a "N" model that the 2002 will be a "O" model. I hope that I am totally wrong.......

I found out yesterday that the Yamaha will be the same bike as this year.

There are 9 Honda 450's in the country right now but the magazines will get their test bikes in a month or so.

I got it from a source VERY close to Yamaha that there will be changes for the 2002 426. He could not be specific but said that there will definitely be a change.


''there will definatly change''


YZernie, Man, I hope were in for more than BNG's....bold new graphics & unpainted subframe........By the way: the graphics on the 2002 YZ250F, looks like they took last years 2001 gas tank decal & combined with the 2000

radiator schroud decal kit. Thats enginious!

Oh well, they come off after 1 ride anyway!

So what if the 2002 YZF is the same. is that a bad thing? The current YZF is an awesome bike!! Honda comes out with a four-stroker, and now all of the sudden youe YZF isn't good enough?? Your bike wasn't to heavy before was it? If it was you would have sold it long ago.

Amador, no it is not a BAD THING. My 426 is by far the best motocross bike I have ever owned. I race almost every weekend & top 5 70-85% of the time. My worry is this: Honda CRF450, more power,lighter weight. On 4strokes, more usable power is a huge advantage. I have a friend with a YZF400 punched out to a 450. It is simply unbelievable. Now imagine 10-20lbs lighter. This equates to a big advantage on the tracks. The Eastern woods don't matter, although the open desert does matter. So, this is reality: Do you want to stay ahead or hang behind? By the way, the weight & the starting routine have never been a issue to me...unless you crash or stall. I do not want to be one of the 426 riders that top 5's 10-30% of the time this time next year. This is my issue, plain & simple.

Everyone seems to be buzzing about them bumping up the displacement to 450 or something. In all honesty, i don't give two $%*%@ about more power...who needs it? The 426 produces enough for me. If i wished for a new one next year I'd want a ligher bike and the little glitches fixed, that's it.

Well, here it is a month after this post was active and now we know.... same bike. I saw a kit to convert your bike to '02 specs at Pep Boys today... it was a can of paint striper for the subframe.

I was going to wait until '03 for the new bike because I've been so happy with mine until.... this B.S. from Yamaha about not standing behind their product. This cracking gas tank ordeal has pissed me off so bad that I went and put a deposit on a CR450. I just can't believe that Yamaha would rather lose customers than replace gas tanks THAT HAVE A KNOWN PROBLEM WITH THEM!!!


'92 GSXR 7/11 (But I never ride it so you should buy

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