1976 Honda Xl 125

i got this bike from my dad for x-mas. the bike was seized and i got it running on new years day just last new years.

after getting it going i took it for a few rides and noticed it wasn't running just right. it cut out a lot and had hardly any power. after a new fuel line it help a little bit.

then one day i started it up and went to rev it a little and it was cutting out like it wasn't getting any gas. i looked everything over and still it would cut out.

i have done a lot of work to this bike and a lot of carb cleaning. its not the carb. the last 5 times i went to clean it, it was clean and had no clogs no nothing.

here is a list of what i have tried.

:carb cleaning

:re-jet and re-jet back to normal size 95(tried 98, 100, 105)

:cut a hole in the back of the exhaust to blow out burn out and clean out any thing that might have been clogging it

:tried it with straight pipe, still cuts out so not the exhaust

:tried leaving the gas tank cap off for better gravity feed

:new fuel line. tried about 4 different hoses and 4 different inline filters

:i cleaned the tank (when i got it, it had little rust but i cleaned it out really good took me about 8 hours). the tank is clean.

:more carb cleaning. it was clean.

:tried tighting that timing belt. . .

and that's were i get confused mostly cause im not an expert on doing that but i have the book telling me how and i read over it about 100 times. so i tightened it and it ran! so i decided to go for a ride and i broke down about a mile from my house. when i went to re tighten it (thinking it came loose) it had no feel like it did before. like it was kinda hard to turn before and now tighting it i can turn it with my fingers.

i wish i had a video to show you of what it dose. when it starts i give it gas and it cuts out like its not getting enough gas, ill try to get a video on here soon.

i really wanna look like this guy -->:thumbsup: and just ride this thing. i know a guy that fixes old bikes and is pretty good at it. he has fixed 3 bike that i know from friends, and the bike looked in worse shape then mine. so i was hoping that you guys might have an idea for me of what this could be. i get to see that guy in about a week and everyone that had looked at my bike says he can fix it but i like doing thing on my own i guess. . .

thanks for any help you can give me, i got pictures of the bike in my garage if you care to look. the pictures are me kinda prepping the bike even though it doesn't run lol. thanks.

Sounds like points or timing issue. some of the older bikes had an interesting advance system. if it was frozen up it would cause no power cut off . Make sure the advancer is free moving. (it is the assembly behind the points. ) if you look at a parts breakdown you will see what I am talking about. (under the points/advancer diagram. )

The parts breakdown has a battery in it. do you have a good battery/charged? Some of the hondas need a battery to run right, Not sure on the xl125.

rereading your post , is the timing chain issue fixed? or is it still loose?

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there is a clip on the timing chain adjuster that can work loose causing the adjuster not to work. You need to pull the left side engine case and remove the flywheel/stator. A bolt goes in the center of the flywheel to push it off. I don't recall what size. To adjust it you turn counter clockwise until resistance is felt. Then clockwise a little bit. 1/8 turn or less. Don't run it without the chain adjuster or you will have real trouble.

Wildweasel thanks for the advise. i fixed the timing issue. back to how it was. i looked at the points at the start back in December but at the time i didn't really know what i was looking at but now i do.(i fixed my buddies cb 500 and the points were off) i'll have to check that out again when i get off the couch. i'm super sick. but hopefully this weekend i can look at the points.

and drturnip the chain seems a ok.

ill let you know. i really wanna cruze this bike this summer!!!!!

Check your valve clearances too.

ok so i called that guy i know that i mentioned in this thred and i finally got him to take a look at it! only about 5 month in the making. but any way he put it up on this bike stand and was checking this checking that and long story short two hours later with fixed cam chain cause it was way loose and the adjuster was stuck side ways so we fixed that. and the points were supper off something that went way over my head back when i got the bike but know i understand that pretty well know. he was teaching me and giving me lessons as were were going(witch is awesome) but after all that work 40 bucks is what he charged me! only 40 bucks! so now everything works. runs good. better then ever. just waiting on the battery to charge to see if turns and break/tail light works. i think it will cause he swapped some wires and he said id should work.

thanks for the help though guys! Wildweasel you pretty much nailed it.

so now after today if wiring goes good ill finally be riding in style.

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