Help dialing in suspension

I never really never thought it would do anything, but now its killing me. I was racing at Comp Edge today, and it got pretty rough, and I noticed every lap, if I was going through braking bumps, I would be getting kicked around like crazy, like the shock wasn't doing anything. But if I was going through up-hill rollers, it felt too soft and was getting tossed around from that too. My sag is properly set. And I noticed I never really bottom out unless I over shoot, case, or come up short on a jump. All the setting are pretty much stock or maybe slightly hardened/softened. Also, my forks are kinda bad in the braking bumps to, not too bad on the rollers. Any recommendations on what to do? Bikes an 09 YZ250F, BTW.

we need to know how much you weigh , how fast you are , sag readings and if the springs are STD ?

Around 160. Uh..idk how to say how fast I am, but I race intro-beg. I have the sag set to 100mm. And the springs are stock.

You need to discover the clickers, what they do and how they affect the bikes attitude.

Braking bumps beat the shit out of everybody...its the extent that you try to minimize.

You need to go back to the bike and find out where the clickers are set. Then come back here and tell us what you found. At that point maybe we can point you in a direction that will make things easier on ya.

Heres the clicker settings:


-Compression: 12 clicks out

-Rebound: 12 clicks out


-High Speed: idk what it is exactly, but I went out a 1/4 from stock

-Compression: 13 clicks out

-Rebound: 12 clicks out

I never knew how to set-up suspension, so dont

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