changing oil after stator/starter loctite fix

need to change my oil (leaking petcock, now fixed), and figure i'll do the stator/starter loctite fix first as its a good idea to change oil after. my question is, is it safe to start the bike, to warm the oil, right after the loctite fix, in order to change the oil? is it better to let the loctite cure overnight? i have a ride tomorrow, so would like to do it all tonight.


At least 8 hrs . At room temp, for steel . Other metals its longer .

On the loctite website , they say it fully cures in 24 hrs .

Loctite cures overnight, but yes full strength is about 24 hours, but within 6-8 hours its usually good to go.

when i did the loctite fixes, drained oil, loctite fixes, let it cure 24hrs, dumped in 2 liters, good to go. check your loctite/permatex tube directions, IIRC curing time is on there.

High strength #271, @40c or warmer, on steel, no activator used, it's at 75% strength in 1.5 hours.. More then enough to start and warm up at idle.

Cure time is dependent on substrate, temp and if an activator is used.

Tech data Sheet

thanks for the responses guys. decided not to rush it, and am just going to change oil and ride tomorrow. do loctite fix next oil change. thanks again for info!

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