2007 RMZ 450 Problems

Hey Everyone,

I just bought a new 2007 RMZ 450 and its awesome but it has some problems. First of all when I rev the engine (not rev limiter) just rev it blue smoke comes out not alot but little puffs. I talked to a guy and he said that its either piston rings or a valve guide thats bad does anyone have any ideas? Second when Im in third gear and going along it seems to slip and i have no idea what that could be any ideas on either subject would be greatly appreciated it runs awesome and i love to ride it but i need these things to b fixed before i start really riding it Thanks alot for any help that you guys give me:banghead:

Sounds for sure like your rings are bad. I would do a complete top end if I were you. Your valves could be going as well, but it could be a little bit of both. Are you familiar with inspecting valves? For the second problem, you may need a new clutch, as it sounds like it is slipping a little. Maybe an adjustment will take care of it though, try that first.

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