Leaky Gasket

Hey guys. Got a question... (surprise!)

So I finally did the valve adjustment and NSU bolt check I've been harping about for a while. Y'all were right... Valve adjustment was really easy with the right tools. I was also surprised to see that my NSU screws weren't even finger tight!!! :thumbsup: I got those switched out and locktited into place.

So I purchased a new gasket in case the old one ripped... which it did. I did my best to scrape off the old gasket and replaced it with a new one. I must not have did a very good job, because I'm leaking oil around the gasket now.

What do y'all suggest I do? I know I've got to take the cover back off tomorrow and get the gasket off. What do you recommend I do to clean off that old gasket? Apparently I'm not doing a good job.

Also, what do y'all think about just using some gasket maker for the gasket? Any problems with that?

As always, thanks for the help!!!

Permatex makes a spray on gasket remover. It should be available at any good auto parts store or even some savvy motorcycle shops. It does a great job of softening up old petrified gaskets. Put it on. Let it sit for an hour of so. Scrape off the gasket. Repeat if necessary.

I have used the 'square' razor blades for years they are an excellent gasket remover. You have to use caution as not to 'gouge' the aluminum or sealing surface.

I buy a box of 100, make sure they are Made in USA and not the 'Made in China' ones that will give you tetanus...

I used the Permatex stuff. I did the NSUs last winter, so I wasn't in a hurry. Most of my gasket stuck to the clutch cover, I put it on the kitchen counter (I'm single :confused:) coated with Permatex, left and watched TV. Scraped off what I could, recoated; repeat. Without trying to step on ar2stroke's toes: I used my fingernails, my history has taught me not to use anything harder than the base aluminum, you WILL nick it. It leaks now cause you were in a hurry, adding a steel blade to the situation won't turn out well. Slow down, take your time, enjoy the project.

If you have a spot in your garage, you can lay the bike on the left side (on a tire or you'll damage the shift lever and if you're strong enough to lift the bike, I'm not), then you can see when the case is perfectly clean. Don't do this outside, if the wind blows up, it will fill your engine with dirt. :thumbsup:

If you're lucky, the new gasket will be okay.

Tip: coat new gaskets with a thin coat of hi-temp grease, for future disassembly.

Good luck, have fun, it's why we do this. :worthy:

Thanks everyone. I sort of took everybody's advice. I slowed down, took my time, and spent about 3 hours cleaning the old gasket off. i did gently use a razor blade to get the really tough stuff. The new gasket had torn in a couple of the thinner places. I cleaned all the surfaces with some brake cleaner and used a little gasket maker to "patch" the torn parts of the new gasket. It's been 5 hours now and not the slightest sign of a leak, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

As always, thanks for y'all's help!

Let me ask you this though... Y'all ever have trouble getting the cover back on? I kept getting it to about a 1/4" of being on and it wouldn't go any further. I thought maybe it was the splines on the middle of the clutch not lining up. (I'm sure there is a proper name for that... but hopefully you know what I'm talking about...) Either way, it eventually went on and sealed up...

Thanks again!

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