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used crf250r problems

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i bought a used 07 crf250r. Still has the original back tire with %70 tread. It still had gas in it from 2 years ago he said. He also told me he didnt shift with the clutch, and that he revved the shit out of it. It looks like he crashed it a couple times then put it away.

Last time i owned a bike my dad did all the work on it. So please tell if i ****ed up.

I put some fresh fuel in it, got it started up (rolling start) and i cant get it to idle. it also bogs out in the bottem end when i jam on it hard.

So i took the carb off and ripped it apart. Then the valve cover too check valve clearances. Left side intake was .004. I couldnt check the right side intake i dont think i have a small enough feeler but the smallest one .0015 didnt fit. both exhaust were .007.

Also i found some nasty scratches (circled in red)


I paid $1600 for it and im ready to put money into it, i just didnt expect those deep gouges in the head. And what else should i be looking at that might be busted?

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Strip it down and start going thru virtually everything from the front to the back!! Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news. Get it done now and at least you will know what you have in the bike when you take it out and can be confident on it.

You will need new valves if you can't get .0015 under the one intake.

If the PO says he used to rev the crap out of it - it would be wise to look at getting a replacement crank assembly.

If you are gonna do the crank, you might as well get a new piston and rings in there as well. Balancer shaft bearings to be done at the same time.

In a nut shell - full engine overhaul replacing bearings and seals.

Strip, clean and re-grease the steering head bearings if they aren't toast.

Strip clean and re-grease the suspension/swingarm linkages. Most likely you will need a few parts - get the seal and bearing kits from Pivot Works.

Carb, strip and clean. Take a note of what jets are installed and do searches on TT to find threads about getting the jetting correct, as well as the accelerator pump modifications.

There are some really top draw threads on this forum - just enter the search criteria on the box and start trawling. You will find a gold mine of useful information.

Good luck!!!

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Its sunday. I'm doing it. Wish me luck.

Luck!! I bought a 2005 and have to tear the whole thing to bits to weld a cracked frame - and found totally seized cushion block and swing arm bearings and a few other "minor" glitches on my way thru. :confused:

I have done all the work on the frame myself and knew the engine was already OK, but it's still a kick in the teeth... :worthy:

I got stax of good info off this forum. Good, good luck!! :thumbsup:

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