DRZ 400 - are 2001 S and 2006 Sm motor same?

DRZ 400 - are 2001 S and 2006 Sm motor the same?

Eddie says the carbs are the same- but the DJ jet kits are not for these 2 different motors.

I realize my 2001 s did not have the updated ACCT that my 2006 DRZ motor has. What I'm looking for: is there a difference in the piston or ?? WHy does the 2006 DRZ400sm have bigger jets in a Dynojet kit?

the motors and carbs are the same.

the dynojet kits have different needles. the jetting is specific to which needle you are using.

there was no need to start another thread.

Ok, I thought this would help someone else as well as me to know this detail. I asked questions back on the other thread regarding bogging and inconsistent power.

If you feel it makes sense - and have a way to remove this thread- I won't be offended.

only the original poster can delete their thread in the first post i beleive.

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