Carb Float Level ?

I'm trying to get the carb sorted out on my 85 Yamaha IT 200. I cleaned it well and attempted to adjust the float level, although I think the float level is still not quite right.

When the bike is on level ground it seems to run ok, but when I brake, and go down a small hill/grade it seems to flood out and die. I'm getting tired of pushing it back to the driveway:banghead:

Is the float level to high? What is a good tool for measuring float height? Do I need a new needle and seat assemlby?

Thanks in Advance!

You need to know what the float level is supposed to be at, for the honda 100s its 24mm. Im sure someone here will know the number.

I have a manual. The float level is.093 or 23.5 mm. I tried to measure it by comparing the float level distance to .093 distance on my dial indicater. It may not have been an accurate way to measure. Will a worn needle and seat change the float level?

Float has no direct connection to the needle and seat. Long as you have it dialed in close you should be good. On the other hand your needle could be letting too much fuel in, check to make sure the seat is in good condition and the needle isnt bent or anything.

The needle/seat assy look OK, but if the float level is to high won't that allow to much fuel in the float chamber. It seems there must be a connection between the two.

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