YES!!....Cant Wait!

Well, today i took my dad riding with me(i usually ride by myself because i hav trails, fields, and hills by my house) and showed him some of my new "achievements". Ive been able to gain a lot of confidents in my riding, ride wheelies, and jump our small jumps with more control.

Anyways, when we were done, i decided to ask his oppinion on motocross. He said he didnt know about actually racing, but he said he would take me to just ride on a track for fun. :thumbsup:

Im really excited, but have no clue wat to expect from an actuall So............. if u have any tips or advice about riding an mx track for the first time, i wld appreciate it!

You're going to be hooked the second you get on a track and will find yourself not wanting to ride anything but tracks! Heck, your dad may even want to buy a bike to ride along at the tracks if he doesnt have one already. Biggest thing are, Ride at your own pace (dont ride above your ability level or try to keep up with anybody). Dont expect to be able to conquer every obstacle on the track. Hold your line. If your on the inside, dont jump to the outside because you hear somebody faster coming behind you, if they are faster they will find a safe way around you.

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