Hope he wins at vegas tonight!

Great night of racing with 'Poto winning the overall. Some good battles tonight, especially Old Man Wyndham and Officer Stewart. Can't believe that bonehead crashed out again. People always say he's good in the bumps, but that's where he keeps crashing! No surprise that he caused another rider to go down...again.

I would have liked to see Reed win it all, but I was happy with the way it ended.

I agree I wanted to see Reed win it dammit.

I was cheering/screaming for Reed all night! Me and my friends gf were the only ones at they party who didn't hate him.

Thank you for the new wallpaper.

Most Deff welcome! :thumbsup: I might have the true full size stored on my hard drive, I could maybe get you guys the right sizes if you like.

I was hoping for Windham... but w/e. Terrific racing all night.

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