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Mikuni TM33SS vs. TM34 on a DR350

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Hi to all. This will be my first post. I'm the proud owner of a 97 DR350 that I picked up from CL a couple of weeks ago. Paid 1,500 for it, and it only has 2K miles. It's mint (minus the fact it's a FL bike,and been left out in the sun too long). All original.

Here's a pic; hopefully the link will work, i'm not too tech savvy:


Anyhow, I just ordered a Mikuni TM34 to replace my busted up 33mm CV carb that some cowboy decided to tear into and "fix". Now I know why I got such a good deal on it. The emulsion tube was broke off, the plug on the float bowl was being held on by RTV, enrichment valve shaft was bent and plastic hex retainer is partially missing...and on and on. RTV around the perimeter of the float bowl gasket was a tell-tale sign!

Out of haste and hurry, I ordered a Mikuni TM34. The intake side is 58MM, head side is only a mm ID bigger, and the same OD, so I thought it would be good to go- it's the same dimensions as the CV carb. Now that I'm waiting on it to get here, I've discovered that it's set up for 2 strokes, and it will bog off idle. Supposedly White Brothers offered this carb with the correct jets, and it was a working combo for the 350. I've got patience, just not a whole lot of time. In hindsight, I should've spent more time on here reading, spent a little more money, and got the TM33SS pumper carb from the get-go. Even thogh the intake diameter is 8mm smaller, I could fix/modify/rig up some kind of BS sleeve to compensate for the intake hose.

Does anyone have the White Bros main/pilot/air jet numbers? How do I modify my new TM34 to work on my bike? Should I just send it back? It's probably a waste of time; it was a special order.

Thanks for your help. I'll try and post some pics real soon.

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