Pictures of my mod KLX110L

Here is my 2010 110L build







All I've done is basically visible:

- Zokes

- Supercomp with the elka

- PC pipe

- U flow

- Cradle

- IMS Shifter

- Pro Taper SE bars

- Nissin Disc Brakes

I think thats it

Motor is stock for now. What kit should I get for it? I think I want to stay with a 143cc since my GF will be riding it too.

Its a fine looking bike but please do something with the swingarm bolt as that is a lot of pain waiting to happen!!!!!!!!! either get more thread cut on and cut the excess off or get the right item as that could do a lot of damage to a ankle if you drop it :thumbsup:

For sure! I messed up the one that came with it and need to order another from BBR!

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