Looking for feedback on a '95 GasGas JT25

I'm considering buying my bosses old '95 JT25 and give trials a try... or use it as a trail bike. Other than the need to replace the rear brake master cylinder the bike should be in top shape. Gonna give it a good look over next week... what should I be looking for and would this be a good buy for $1000?

I don't have much experience with trials bikes but I picked up a "gently ridden" 96 JTR 270 for $1600 last year. It is my 1st trials bike and its capability far exceeds my needs for the time being. Parts seem to be available and if you know your boss kept it in good condition, $1000 is a great price.

Strip it down of all plastic for a good look underneath, change all fluids and ride it.

You'll have more fun that you think you will.


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