Upgrading help

So, I currently have a 125cc 4 stroke pitbike... ive had it since '06, and its the first bike ive ever ridden. Now, than i am too big for it i need something bigger, with of course, more power. Im about 5'7", 16, and doing mostly trails, but I want to learn to do jumps and maybe a little mx.

Ive been looking around for a while to get either a 250 four stroke, or a 125 2 stroke.. but the catch its im trying to get it at a low price (but also a good deal.. dont want a pile of scrap metal) im open for pretty much all brands, but which one suits me the best ?

I bought a 01 YZ125 for 1200.00 the suspension was done and it was clean. It would be a good bike for just about anyone. You know I have heard some of the pro's train on 125's in the off season then race the 450 class.

125s are cheaper to maintain than a 250f, plus they are very easy to work on. You will be able to get a 125 cheaper as well. My 05 yz125 cost me $1900 last year, and my dad's 04 crf250r cost him around $2500 a few years ago. If price is a major concern, go with the 125.

youll find a 125 for A LOT cheaper than a 250 4t..and since your not racing you dont really need a 4 stroke anyway, id look into a 125 for sure

Thanks, the reason why I put a four stroke in my sights is because I am familiar with them. Never ridden a 2 stroke before, but I've seem and heard of the power, so I trust it's more than enough for what I'm doing. The only thing keeping me from a 2t is convincing my dad that mixing the oil and gas isn't rocket science.

Thanks ^ probably pick that up if i can get a good deal.

Also another thing... hear horror stories all the time about seizing... is there like a check list should do before and after buying used? tips? Thanks

If you can afford to, allow a top end rebuild into your budget. Get the top end done and inspect the bottom end at the same time.

So long as you use a decent oil at the right ratio on a fresh top end you should have no problems with seizing the motor.

You should warm it up to before giving it a thrashing but this applies to any bike.

Things to check are general condition, ie wear and tear on the frame, foot pegs, plastics, clutch cover, grips etc

Shake the swing arm side to side with the bike on a stand to check the swing arm bearings for play

Try to wobble the wheels side to side also to feel for any play in the bearings

Compression check if possible or at least wind it over by pressing the starter by hand. Should need reasonable force to wind it over

Should be able to start first or second kick.

You can also check the air cleaner condition and if possible the crankcase oil condition and coolant.

If the clutch is grabby or really on/off that will indicate a notched clutch basket which you can usually get away with filing the fingers one time and then it will only last so long before needing replacement

Also check the chain and sprocket condition

Thanks! And how much is a typical top end cost? >$500?

not too sure what your prices are like in the US but my last 125 rebuild cost about $800NZ which is about $600US but I had to re-sleeve the cylinder and replace the bottom end. If you only need a piston rings and gaskets it should be well under $500

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