09-10 KX-f for offroad

thinking about picking up a secondhand 09-10 KX450F for offroad, the KX's appeal to me as being the easiest EFI 450 to start, particularly when hot and if stalled/crashed, what are some "must do" mod for these bikes beyond the standard suspension and controls, i like the idea of a suzuki knowing they turn very well, but are also very stable, what can i do to help the KX's steering prowess.

being that i want to use this bike offroad i'm thinking a rekluse core EXP clutch would be a great help? except for rolling backwards down hills :thumbsup:

currently riding a YZ 125 and KTM300 offroad, although have also had a KTM 450 EXC, KX250F, RM250 and KX500 in recent years, i ride a little bit of mx but plan on keeping my 125 just for that

I started with the cheap things, 52T rear, Handlebars cut down 3/4" each end, Softened compression on both end a couple of notches (rear shock needed both high and low softened), a spark arrester muffler end from Lexx helped soften power and reduce stalling (my impression anyway), barkbusters, tire pressure lowered, skidplate. I like the clutch as is, very soft on the 2011 anyway.

I went with a Lexx exhaust, barkbusters, skidplate, Acerbis tank, Scotts submount, 51 rear sprocket, gold o-ring chain, TM Designs slide-n-glide kit because I burned through the stock slider in 5 rides and a cheap replacement in 6 hours. 232323232%7Ffp%3A%3A5%3Enu%3D6%3B86%3E6%3C7%3E258%3EWSNRCG%3D33%3C5%3C355%3C7335nu0mrj232323232%7Ffp%3A%3A3%3Enu%3D6%3B86%3E6%3C7%3E258%3EWSNRCG%3D33%3C5%3C33799335nu0mrj

Chris, very sharp bike, did you do any suspension changes that you would recommend?

Larger tank, Cycra pro-bends, adjust compression out (or re-valve if you have to re-spring for your weight), full skid plate, shark fin, taller seat (pegs are so very high on the KX), Rekluse EXP 2.0 clutch. With the Rekluse, you can gear up without stalling. I do lots of single track, so I kept gearing stock. ('08).


Im only 160 pounds so ill definantly be revalving, what about trippe clamps?

Chris, very sharp bike, did you do any suspension changes that you would recommend?

I resprung for my weight since I'm 235lbs. The fork was very harsh on rocks, roots, etc. so I had it revalved by a KTM dealership in Dallas that specializes in offroad suspension. World of difference. I can back the clickers out to the soft side and its great on the trails or stiffen it back up for light mx. If you try to ride it slow its still pretty stiff but once you get up to speed it softens up. Its not a trail bike to poke around on like the WR I had.

Ive got a brand new 09 with a used core exp in the garage, hopefully install it this week. Ill let you know how it is.

That woud be awesome mate!

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