How to flush the cooling system?

Just pull the impeller cover off the right side of the engine and remove the rad cap and it will virtually all drain out. Put the cover back on and replace the fluid. Make sure you run the engine for a while and refill a couple of times to make sure all the air is pushed out of the system. :)

I want to flush the cooling system on my 02 WR426 so that I can replace it with Engine Ice. Can anyone give me an "easy to do" lesson? Thanks!

This is what I do.

Flush the sytem with water several times to clear out all of the old antifreeze that is in the system. It is good to use distilled water especialy if your home water is hard. My wife works in a water quality lab so I use lab pure water.

I then filled the system with white vinegar which is a strong base to nuetralize any acid in the system. I then repeat the flush with water to remove all vinegar, and then fill with Engine Ice.

During each step I allowed the water to get warm and circulate well in the cooling system. This may seem like a lot of steps, but it really does not take long, and you will have a ultra clean system.

Is engine Ice the best stuff to buy, or is it just the coolest named stuff? I have always wanted to buy a better coolant, has anybody seen it in Canada ? I know some guys like Peak, or is this the same as the engine oil controversy ?

Has anyone tried LIQUID PERFORMANCE RACING COOLANT AND ANTIFREEZE? It comes like Engine Ice, already premixed as an orange color. I was told by two different cycle shops that Engine Ice is back ordered from the company until late September. Both shops recommended the LIQUID PERFORMANCE and said that it would run up to 20 degrees cooler than Engine Ice. They said that boiling was at 284 gegrees and freezing was at -30 degrees. I am not trying to start an Engine Ice vs. Liquid Performance debate, but are they equal or is one better? :)

I dont know, but last I checked vinegar was acetic acid. I like to flush mine with distilled water and then use Water Wetter mixed with distilled water. It's a product from Redline Oils. Supposed to make your bike run 20-30 deg. cooler. I run it all year since I dont have to worry about freezing here in Nor Cal.

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