Odd bike?

I looked at the ebay add, he states its an S model, but in the description he calls it an "enduro / supermoto (road legal)" he also states it has 7803km and he has only put 2500km on it since he has owned it.......

you answer is simple... its a standard S model that the original owner installed the kickstart

glad I could be of help

If you run the rego plate through the RTA (road and traffic authority) web site its listed as:" Vehicle: 2006 BLACK SUZUKI DR-Z400SM MOTOR CYCLE

Plate Number: SOY09

VIN/Chassis: JS1BC111400100250"

It also has the SM decals on the side plates still.

HMMM you obviously searched further then I did. The website you mention is an Aussi only web site. I tried to find a version of that for us USA guys and haven't been able to find one that doesn't charge $49.99 to answer a simple question.

Maybe you can find a valid S model vin and run it and see if the system calls it an S or SM?????

its just got a kick start kit on it.

and s forks...

I would suspect a crash and subsequent fork replacement.


looks like a s swingarm /rear disc

Kind of like this?


Says DRZ S in the description. :thumbsup:

S model with kicker kit.

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