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bike seems to be burning some oil

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i opened up the 2 draining screws after 15h of riding and it seems to be ~100-150ml of oil missing,

i put 1.250L last time and another 50ml at every filter,

one day the bike fell on a sharp slide and oil started getting out of the exhaust with white smoke and it ceased after a while,

went back home and placed another 100ml or so and it seemed fine through the oil screen.

is it normal for the bike to burn 100ml or so for 15-17h?

there seems to be some oil sweatting from the clutch cover, can't tell if it actually slipping from there, but next thing i'm planning is cleaning the engine with an engine cleaner to watch if it's actually leaking or these are some left overs from last opening of the case,


p.s - if it does burn oil, this should be related to the piston/rings right?

the bike went through an engine rebuild bottom and top 100h ago.

thanks again.

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450 rfs 06,

p.s - i've talked to some guys at KTMTalk and the head is apparently going to come off this bike for a valve job, so the piston would be checked,

we might mess up with it a bit more, i.e - bottom engine to see if anything else is loose on the way,

thanks anyway!

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