01 426 rolling chasis for sale no motor

Need to sale 01 yz426 rolling chasis no motor. Everything there but motor and electical and compression release and cable.The bike was only rode for about 30 to 40 minutes before motor was removed.I am currently working on yzf quad and would like to sale the bike asap.Please email asap to jclucas@dewittec.net P.S, the bike tires still have tittys on them.

How big are the titties??? Do they have big ole baloney nipples, or little dime size nipples?? Are they silicone or natural? I am interested.......

I'm very interrested. e'mail me ASAP, so we can work out the specifics. TArnette629@netscape.net.

Thanks, Todd.


Mr. Wizard says: "Go BIG, or go home!"

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