xr80 kickstart seal assembly, need hlp pls.

I had the clutch cover off my 1984 xr80 to service the clutch, I didn't pay too much attention to the removal process, as I had a Clymer service manual, so I assumed :/ it would be pretty simple to re-assemble. There is a seal mounted in a recess on the clutch cover, that seals the kick-start shaft on the OUTSIDE of the case cover...but I have "left over" what appears to be an identical seal, and a matching washer. The seal fits the kick-start shaft perfectly. The manual doesn't have any pictures of the seals that I can find, and doesn't seem to show the assembly process for sealing the kick-start shaft. I tried to fit the "left over" seal on the inside of the crank-case cover, even though there is no "boss" for it, but the crankcase cover did not seem to want to fit with it in place. So I assembled the crankcase cover with just the one external seal in place. It seems to be doing fine, no oil leaks, yet. So...where the hell is this second seal, and washer supposed to be? I just slid it onto the kick start shaft from the outside, so its resting against the other one, and put the steel washer between the kick start and the seal, to protect them..but it doesn't look right...

Anybody have a different/better manual...or any thoughts? Can post pics when I get home tonight, if I didn't explain it clearly enough.

Thanks in advance...

The kickstarter seal is part #9 shown on HERE, it doesn't show any external washer in that diagram.

HERE is the diagram for the kickstarter itself.

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