what oil for 2010 yz250f

what do run? have tried searching this question but no real answers. in my old 2001 i have always run castrol active 4t 10w-40. its now done 180 hours and still going strong with out any rebuilds. i have been running the castrol in my 2010 but not sure. what do you run? what do you recomend?

Motorcycle specific oil, some say synthetic is overkill cause its changed every 5 hours or so but I use fully synth,

More important is to change it often, as ofen as you can afford

i change it every 8 hours. i dont ride the bike that hard and it seems about right

It really depends on how you ride it. MX vs. tight single track for example.

i race mx in juniour lites class

i race mx in juniour lites class

Seems synthetic or semi-synthetic changed out every 6 hours should do. If you're racing then I would suggest a motorcycle specific oil assuming you abuse the clutch quite a bit.

You need to work on your searching skill there are hundreds of threads on this. Unless they were archived when the forum was upgraded. I believe it was SunRuh that did a bunch of oil analysis and found many of the top oils actually sheared after 3-5 hours. One of the top performing oils he found was Shell Rotella T 15w40. Don't quote me on that I read it two years ago. I've run it for a long time now. Its inexpensive so regular oil changes are affordable. People on here say it's a Diesel oil but the type of gas you run doesn't really determine the oil its the same concept. Diesel engines are high compression engines so the oil can hold up to the high pressure of our race engines. It may be inexpensive oil but it's by no means cheap. It's less expensive cause they sell it in bulk. Truckers swear by it with 1,000,000+ miles on it with no failures. Also it has no additives that negatively affect the clutch. I for one don't believe the hype behind all synthetic oils.

its part synthetic. it is motorcycle specific oil. in australia get different oil than you. castrol is one of the better oils companys here. castrol active 4t is one of the best oil you can in your bike. and no im not very hard on the clutch.

Oops missed that you were in Australia sorry about that.

Castrol GTX non-synth. Change every 300 miles or so. Oil filter every other change. Zero issues and great durability and performance in every 4 stroke since 2002 (knock on magnesium).

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