From KLX to WRR?

I have a nice KLX, but am suffering Blue Envy, partially because I have a slight preference for Yamaha dirtbikes. I really like my WR-F

The Yamaha would be a new one. My KLX was bought used, and has been uncorked, -1 on the front sprrocket, dropped about 20lbs (off the bike). It's really a pretty decent, cheap lil DS. It does look and feel kind of cheap tho. I ride about 50-50 roads to trails.

I don't mind spending money. I hate wasting it tho. Is the WRR a noticeably better bike?

Ramz and a few others had posts here that discussed this in detail. You may want to try a search. As a WRR owner, my answer would be biased. Anyway, I know someone here covered this in detail.

Yeah, I did the search, but you get alot of "my WRR and I can out run my buddy on his KTM690" and "my DRZ will wipe the floor with a WRR".

Not really interested in all that. Wanted to hear from guys that had both for a while and what kind of issues both bikes have, and wether the Yam was worth the extra money.

There was a specific post on here concerning your question. Not sure who posted it. WRR is not a competition bike, race bike, super bike, sport bike, etc. It is, however a very versatile all around bike. Won't win races, too heavy, 75% level suspension, 30 HP engine, etc. But it does a lot of things well, just not the best at anything. Most people on here that made the switch feel they really did trade up. But you'll have to find it the hard way if no one else answers.

thanks guys.

ooooh 30hp. sounds so much better than the 22 I have now.

Wow, thanks again. I work a lot of hours, and don't have the patience to look long and hard. But that's what I was looking for. I appreciate your patience.

Thirty at the crank, about 27 on a good day at the tire. It is basically a higher revving version of the old DT400. I have one of those as well, and the WRR shows how much technology marches on. The DT400 pulls from idle, but rapidly runs out of steam after about 6000 RPM. Terrible suspension, but much better seat. They both weigh about the same, but in every way, the WRR is a far better motorcycle. Except as a mosquito fogger, where the DT wins. :thumbsup:

Glad we were able to assist. Let us know how it turns out......

By the way, I thought the color for envy was green; maybe if you start with green, you end up with envy?

It's like comparing a 67 Hodaka Ace 90 to a 68 Yamaha DT-1 250. You feel the

difference in updated suspension and motor. It would be much better if you could

get a ride on the WR, however there is no way to make the Kawi equal in my

opinion no matter how much you spend on it.

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