1985 xr500r

I know a guy that has a 85 XR500R in nice shape and has lots of power but to much for him to handle and is intrested in trading me for my mint 2002 XR200R is this a fair trade i know the 500 has power that will not bore me where the 200 leaves me wanting more form time to time. the 500 has new bars a k&n fillter a 510 bb kit in it and dont burn oil and runs great ,I know the rfvc system can be a bit :thumbsup: at times ( had a 350 with it) but is this a fair deal?

If its an 85 model, its a 600 unless the engine was changed in the past.

Yep on the 85 being a 600. That's the year the 350 got bigger than prior years too.

If' it's a 500 it's 84 at latest. "

Those had steeper steering, better for tight woods situations than wide open desert running.

If it's in good shape I would call that a decent trade. Would match here dollars wise, $1,000 or so for each if in good shape. Your 200 "might" be worth 200-300 more on the market here due to limited demand for 25 y/o dirt bikes.

FWIW, I have an 85 350 and it's every bit as competent as my 2003 xr400.

Suspension sucks on the 200's so you won't be losing anything there. LOL

Consider spring changes fro your weight to maximize the suspension.

sorry its a 1984 so this a good deal runs great took it for a spin and it has a lot of jam bring back the feeling i use to get when i had my XR650(miss that bike)

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