Loose Kick Starter Fix

Does anyone have a fix for a loose kick starter?

Loose up and down when folded in and lose left to right when folded in.

All hardware is tight too btw.



You can take the 6mm phillips out and grease it, this will help a little.

Overall, not to much you can do other than this.

It's a bit crude, but take the kickstart arm off of the knuckle. Do this by removing the large phillips head screw, then pulling up. Now take the knuckle to Home Depot or Lowes and find an assortment of o-rings in the plumbing repair section. Find one that fits snug around the knuckle and is thin enough to allow the kickstarter to slide all the way back on. Liberally grease the knuckle and reassemble.

It's not pretty, but it will keep the starter from unfolding and climbing up your pan leg.

Or find a local machinist who could fix it for about 40 bucks. They will bore the hole out and put in a bushing in the kicker. as for the knuckle, if it is really worn they can turn it down a bit and fit the bushing to it so it will be like new. Be careful though, remove too much material and it will become weak and break.

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