03-05 crf150f head on 06-09 crf150f?

could i use the older (03-05) cylinder head on the newer (06-09) cylinder and motor? i have been wondering this for a while and i searched through the threads on here up to page 28 and never found anything about it so i figured i'd ask.

Nope it won't work. Different motors.

i realize that they are differently designed motors but i thought maybe the head would be interchangeable, not the cylinder just the head.

No, two totally different engine designs.

i was wondering because i wanted to be able to get hot cams and they don't make them for the newer 150's

Webcam has a cam for 06-09.

does it serve the same purpose as hotcams? and thanks i'll check them out!

can somebody give me the link to the webcam for the 06-09 150's?

Try webcamshafts.com Came up when I did a search.

found it, thanks. so i'm looking at about 167 dollars, that's with the core and the regrinding.

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