02 crf450 488 advise? an has anyone seen a

I have my 450 for a few months now. i can hear a little piston slap, not to big of a deal. I just bought a fmf q4 ti pipe, fmf jet kit, an quickstart3, should all be here early this week. I was also thinking of buying a top end kit (gaskets, cylinder,piston,rings, an wrist pin) i ride just about everyday after work. some roads, trails, track, a little of everything. my question is will i have any reliability problems such as over heating or decrease engine life. also I have spent many hours looking for a decent graphic kit for my 2002 bike an cant find any? Thanks!

Graphics from an 03-04 fit.

Doing all that to a 9 year old bottom end seems like its asking for a big expensive problem. IF it were me, Id put a crank it in too.

You should ad an hour meter to the list of stuff so you know how long in the tooth that thing really is.

Yea good point, is like to get a new crank in it to. I spent the day at the track today. I want to look into some suspension mods but have no clue where to start. I'm a 170 pound rider in full gear.

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