SSR 110 and new cam

i have an SSR 110 and i have been reading some posts and a lot of people buy new cams for these bikes. one cam i've seen mentioned a lot is the TB 411 cam. i was curious if anyone can tell me how much HP or performance will be gained with this cam?


come on guys no info? i've seen a ton of threads but i didnt find any that give any info on performance gains. im not looking for dyno sheets. i mean is a cam even worth it in terms of performance?

It's descent upgrade but the cam alone will not gain you much without a better carb to supply fuel/air....after that then add a better header...then add a hp piston..and..and..and keep putting money into the black hole of a moneypitbike.

BTW DRATV used to sell a Z40 cam that was better and cheaper.

good luck mate

A Cam is often the cheapest / Best option for the money

While it wont turn it into a 140cc , it will wake it up with better overall performance

Most stock cams are "lazy"

Most 110cc Pit bike engines have e22 type heads and accept TB 411 cam

Z40 and TB 300 are Honda 50 type cams that fit Honda 50 / 70 , Lifan/YX 140 type heads

Just facts , Sorry to disagree with you Blackwoodz

thanks for the info. so is a new carb necessary as well? it has a stock keihin 22mm carb on it now. i heard going with a bigger carb is for 125cc and above so would switching to a mikuni do much in performance or can i just stick with the stock keihin carb?


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